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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Day 43

From: Rome To: Rome Miles: 0 Total: 655 Today was our first day in Rome. John decided to stay in and rest his feet. He has been to Rome many times. I have only been once and didn’t do a tour of the Vatican or Sistine Chapel last time Lisa and I were here so … Continue reading »

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Day 42

Form:  Finocchio To:  Rome Miles:  11 Total:  655 Today’s stroll into Rome from the suburb of Finocchio was easy-peasy. We got an intentional late start at 9:30 because of the short walking distance we had to cover. Our route was on our old familiar SR6 which we’ve been walking on for over a week, though … Continue reading »

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Day 41

From: Colleferro To : Finocchio Miles: 19 Total: 644 Today was basically a repeat of yesterday, but more sidewalks today and the towns were closer together as we got nearer to Rome. Again we couldn’t have asked for better weather to walk in. At just a few minutes past noon we decided to stop for … Continue reading »

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Day 40

From:  Ferentino To:  Colleferro Miles:  17 Total:  625 Today’s walk was once again straight down SR6 for 17 miles. And also once again, we were dodging traffic all day.  The day got started at 8:45 after breakfast at our hotel. Because we stayed on the Far East side of town last night, today started with … Continue reading »

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Day 39

From: Ceprano To: Ferentino Miles: 18 Total: 608 Today was a fairly straightforward day. We decided to walk further than we originally planned by about 4 miles so we could have two more equal walking days the next couple of days instead of a short day and then a long one. Again, the weather was … Continue reading »

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Day 38

From:  Cassino To:  Ceprano Miles:  21 Total:  590 Some days you just never know what you’re going to find yourself faced with. Today was one of those days.  The day got started normal enough. We were out the door after breakfast at 8:15. Because the traffic has been so heavy with little to no shoulder … Continue reading »

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Day 37

From: Cassino To: Cassino Miles: 0 Total: 569 Today was a much needed day off for us. John decided to stay at the hotel and rest and I ventured out and grabbed a bus for 1 euro up to the Abbey at Monte Cassino. I think the most dangerous part of the entire walk so … Continue reading »

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Day 36

From:  Venafro To:  Cassino Miles:  15 Total:  569 Today’s trek was another 15 miles through the heart of central Italy, highlighted by our walk through a 6/10 mile long tunnel, and ending in the historic city of Cassino.   We got moving at 8:30 after a light breakfast at our B&B in Venafro.  I say … Continue reading »

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Day 35

From: Isernia To: Venafro Miles: 15 Total: 554 Miles After leaving our hotel this morning we started off with a fairly short climb and then basically the entire rest of the day everything was downhill. It took a while to get out of the town of Isernia and like many of the other towns in … Continue reading »

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Day 34

From:  Bojano To:  Isernia Miles:  16 Total:  539 Today we walked a relatively relaxing 16 miles along SS17 from the quaint little town of Bojano to a larger city of Isernia. Isernia is a very old town, believed to have been settled at least 700,000 years ago and is the most ancient site where traces … Continue reading »

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